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iugis - Management Consulting for NGOs, Non-Profits & Emerging Markets

Global Experience - Bespoke Solutions

Professional and Management Consulting services for NGOs, Non-Profits and Emerging Market Enterprises.

At iugis, we work with NGOs, Non-Profits and merging Market Enterprises. We partner with out clients to navigate the operational and organisational opportunities, and challenges, faced in the 21st century environment.

We provide access to a world of experience through our network of consultants. Our distributed network means that our clients have access to world class professionals when they need it and at an affordable price.

How We Can Help

Consulting and Advisory

Our consulting and advisory services enable you to navigate your strategic and operational challenges head on with support and guidance from our experienced teams.

Professional Services

Our professional services enable you to quickly and cost effectively get access to the specific skills you need on a project by project basis.

Not sure where to start? Let us tailor a solution for you

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Our Approach



We don’t replace the experience you and your team have, instead we provide a service that enhances and complements the work you do. This allows you to focus on the job at hand, while we provide guidance and bring our experience to the table when and where you need it.

Why us?



At iugis we view our diversity as our biggest asset.

We have experience not only working with NGOs, non-profits and emerging markets, but also hands-on corporate and commercial experience.  We draw on this experience to tailor solutions specific to each client.

Some of the organisations we’ve worked with