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iugis - Management Consulting for NGOs, Non-Profits & Emerging Markets

About us

Your ultimate resource for trusted, flexible and experienced professional consultants.

The United Nations, construction companies, and start-up not-for-profit organisations don’t appear to have much in common. Yet these diverse organisations all choose to work with us because we make the seemingly complex – simple and achievable.

We believe in partnering with our clients to design and implement programs that are tailored to their specific needs.

This approach means we produce immediate, sustainable results for our clients. Our dynamic and distributed network approach also mean that clients get access to the best in the business without having to go the expense of the recruitment process.

The end result is a lasting partnership with an organisation that is able to pivot and adapt, irrespective of the ever-changing external conditions.

Our Framework For Value

  • Leverage experience

    We draw on our extensive experience whilst supporting yours

  • Support

    We are all about partnerships and provide ongoing support for all our engagements

  • Engagement

    All stakeholders are engaged and consulted with during the process

  • Clarify and Simplify

    We prefer 'clear and concise' to complex jargon, this ensures everyone is on the same page

Who We've Worked With